The Journey To The Center Of Your Worth



You! includes an eight-session study guide that corresponds to individual chapters in the book.

It’s All About You!

No. You didn’t misread the headline. This book is all about you. It’s a journey of self-discovery, a quest to help you find out who you are and who you were meant to be.

This quest is not a self-centered, inner-focused search. It’s a pursuit to find the person God created you to be. Author Ed Young walks you through an understanding of your unique worth in God’s eyes and into the meaningful, purpose-packed life God has waiting for you.

Open the pages of this bold book and take the incredible journey to the center of your worth.

“Ed Young brings great alignment through his creative teaching and down-to-earth style. His wisdom is insightful and yet practical. As you read, you will see why thousands are flooding in every week to hear him speak. His profundity is apparent and his revelation enables readers to see life through a brighter lens.”


Pastor of The Potters House & Best-selling author

“The title alone makes this book frighteningly intriguing. But what’s inside can make all the difference in the ‘you’ that you turn out to be. Ed’s heart beats fast for how much you matter to God.”


Teaching Pastor of Menlo Park Presbyterian Church & Best-selling author

“This is a great book. Ed has done a masterful job of redefining and repositioning the concept of self-esteem. Ed argues convincingly that when we look in the mirror, we should see ourselves as our Creator see us: loved, accepted and worth dying for. After reading YOU!, you will never see yourself the same way again.”


Founder of North Point Ministries,

Senior Pastor of North Point Community Church & Best-selling author