The Marriage Mirror

Reflecting God In Your Marriage



It’s a reality in any relationship. Who you really are will be revealed at some point over the course of time. This is especially true in marriage.

God designed marriage as a mirror. It’s what intimacy is all about: seeing a reflection of yourself in your spouse. But it doesn’t end with seeing your own reflection. Each time you look at your marriage, you should see God’s reflection shining back. Because as you do, you’ll discover more than a great marriage; you’ll discover the ways God wants to use you and where he can take you.

In this book, Ed and Lisa Young share with the reader just what marriage is, what it can do and who it is designed for. And as they reveal God’s truth about the most important earthly relationship, you’ll discover just how your marriage mirror can help you see clearer and grow closer not only with your spouse, but also with God.