He Said / She Said Journal

Creative Marriage Journal



Especially for couples, this unique dual-sided journal allows husbands and wives to journal together in the same book. One side is for men and the other for women. With thought-provoking Scripture and quotes from Ed and Lisas Creative Marriage book, this is a creative and fun way to grow personally and as a couple.

“This journal will hopefully help bring renewed clarity to your marriage. Theres no right way to do this. Theres no wrong way. The point is that you take the time to sit down and write out (or draw, or chart, or list) what you want to communicate with your spouse. Keep in mind, though, that this is not designed to replace communication; its meant to deepen your communication.

It is my hope that through this journal your marriage will begin to experience a new level of connection and intimacya level that will be recorded for years to come.

Gods best,

Ed and Lisa Young