Beauty FULL

Becoming More Than Just Pretty



Just look around. Each year, society spends billions of dollars to convince us that beauty is exactly skin deep. Whatever hurt or blemish you have in your life, the world tells us there is a cream, concoction or cover up for it.

But when we value physical looks more than the soul, we drain beauty of its full potential. In these pages, you will find the cure the world so often promises but never delivers. And you will see that your God-given beauty is as close as your heart, as deep as your soul.

“In today’s world of makeup and manicures, spa treatments and spray on tans, so many women are living in the shadows of true beauty. Rather than focusing on God’s intent for soul deep beauty, we concentrate on the surface image in the mirror. Sadly, many of us look to the cultural definition of beauty as the standard measurement of our own self worth.

  • We hide behind the struggles of not being thin enough.
  • We beat ourselves up over not being fashionable enough.
  • We obsess over not being “pretty” enough.

But the skin’s deep beauty that society touts is a cheap counterfeit of the true beauty God has placed inside each and every one of us. In this book, our husbands teach us how to reclaim God’s amazing gift and how we can reveal it in and through every aspect of our lives.

You may be wondering how two men can write a book that speaks to women about true beauty. After all, haven’t men played a large part in distorting the definition of beauty into what it is today? But don’t be so quick to dis-count their words.

The Bible is full of strong, passionate, real-life examples of what God has in mind when it comes to his design for beauty. And as lifelong students of God’s Word, Ed and Mac have had the opportunity to research and communicate the truth about that beauty to thousands of women.

As husbands, they have continued to bring out our true beauty, even in the most difficult of times. On our worst days, they encourage us and remind us of the beauty God has instilled in our souls. And on our best days, they remind us of our beauty by showering us with compliments.

Finally, as fathers, Ed and Mac do all they can to under-score and highlight God’s intended beauty in the hearts and lives of their daughters. And they strive to communicate to their daughters how truly beautiful they are in their fathers’ eyes.

It is so easy to get caught up in the demands of society. But if we aren’t careful, we can end up feeling inadequate and empty. This book will help you gain a clear understanding of beauty that will leave you feeling beauty full. And you will see how God’s gift to you has the power to change not only your life, but also the lives of everyone you touch, forever.”

– Lisa Young and Julie Richard