Your God Is Too Small

Speaker Ben Young Explores Difficult Questions That Shape Our View Of God

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Is there room for doubt in the Christian Faith? Do you sometimes wonder if you are the only one that has those doubts? Join Ben Young for this four part series as he explores some of the difficult questions that shape our view of God.

sermons from this Series

    1. Your God Is Too Small: Ben Young with Special Guest Dr. William Dembski

    Your God Is Too Small: Ben Young with Special Guest Dr. William Dembski

    The Existence Of God.

    In the final message of this series, Ben Young interviews Dr. William Dembski. Dr. Dembski is a mathematician and philosopher and is a senior fellow with Seattle's Discovery Institute. Dr. Dembski has published articles in mathematics, philosophy, and theology journals and is the author/editor of more than a dozen books. In The Design Inference: Eliminating Chance Through Small Probabilities (Cambridge University Press, 1998), he examines the design argument in a post-Darwinian context and analyzes the connections linking chance, probability, and intelligent causation. Through a question and answer session, Dr. Dembski will discuss divine intelligence, creationism, the existence of God, how to reconcile science and the Bible, and the problem with evil and suffering.
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    2. Your God Is Too Small: Doubting Faith

    Your God Is Too Small: Doubting Faith

    Do You Doubt God?

    Do you feel like you are stuck in a prison of doubt or questioning? Are you waiting day after day for God to answer you, to heal you, to free you from your prison? In the third message of this series, Ben continues his discussion of his own personal journey of doubt and how God worked in His life to bring clarity to ambiguity, answers to questions, and understanding to uncertainty. He will lay out a few keys that unlocked different doors in his life that led him out of the prison of doubt.
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