"Let Your Yes Be Yes And Your No, No"

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“Yes” and “No” are two of the shortest yet most powerful words in the English language because they have such finality. Those two small words pack a punch that many longer words don’t. And so often we have a hard time saying those two little words because of their definitive nature. We would rather ride the fence than let people know exactly where we stand.

But in this powerful two-part series based on Matthew 5:37, Ed Young teaches us not only how and when to say those words, but also how to back them up with our actions. Because when we learn to use “Yes” and “No” for the right things at the right time, we will discover the power and meaning found in a life of firm decisions. 

sermons from this Series

    1. Yes


    Making A Godly Commitment

    Life is full of options. Yet all the choices we make and decisions we face ultimately come down to just two small words-yes and no. We are the sum total of our yeses and nos. In this first message of a two-part series, senior pastor Ed Young takes an in-depth look at the first of those words. And as Ed reveals to us God's view of this word based on Matthew 5:37, we see the power and potential "yes" really has. Because when we are willing to back up our yeses with commitment, life will take on a new direction of purpose and meaning.
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    2. No


    Reserving Your Yes For The Best

    Saying "no" is difficult for us because it seems so final, so limiting. We dont want to commit to no, we say, because what if it turns out to be something we wish we had said yes to? In the second message of this two-part series, Ed Young looks again at Matthew 5:37. And as Ed reveals the real essence and power of saying no, we see that it isnt just about limiting our options; no is all about freeing us up to say an even bigger and better yes.
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