X-Trials Small Group Study

X-Trials Will Stop You In Your Tracks And Lead You To The Extreme Life God Has Planned For You


In this book, X-Trials, Ed Young leads you through a verse-by-verse look at one of the most challenging and controversial books of the Bible, the book of James.

Living life as a Christ-follower in today’s world requires extreme faith! Discover how you can bring your faith down from the rafters and into real life through this combination of small group discussion and daily devotionals. X-Trials takes a practical, in-depth look at questions like:

  • What does authentic faith really look like?
  • How do I find God’s will for me?
  • How can I fight fairly?
  • Am I guilty of showing prejudice?

This six-part study includes a Leader’s Guide and Creative Notes for each session.

  • Week One: Formula of Faith
  • Week Two: Hear It and Do It
  • Week Three: Faith and Works
  • Week Four: Developing Godly Wisdom
  • Week Five: Finding God’s Will
  • Week Six: Divine Healing

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