WOW Statements of Jesus

Ben Young Unveils The Bold Attitude Of Jesus Towards God'S Kingdom

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Have we domesticated Jesus? Have we tamed Jesus? Have we created an image of Him and placed Him in a proper position in our lives? What would happen if we were to allow the Lion of Judah to roam around in our lives, our hearts, and our minds in order to destroy the lies that we’ve been holding on to, that keep us captive?

In this series, WOW Statements of Jesus, Ben Young will challenge you to invite the real, radical Jesus of the Gospels, the Jesus who is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, to roam around inside your life. All of the statements: the gut-wrenching, mind-expanding, and life-affirming statements of Jesus are about one thing…the Kingdom of God, a radical lifestyle of grace and truth that God through Christ calls us to.

sermons from this Series

    1. You Can Do Greater Works

    You Can Do Greater Works

    God Has Greater Things In Store For You, For Your Life.

    Your life may be an absolute mess right now or it may be going great...either way you can be confident that if God started a work in you, He is going to complete that work inside of you. Join Ben Young as he explores the WOW statement of Jesus, "You Can Do Greater Works."
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    2. Your Faith Can Move a Mountain

    Your Faith Can Move a Mountain

    Where Do You Put Your Faith?

    Everyone has faith. Atheists have faith, agnostics have faith, Christians have faith. But what do we put our faith in? Faith in our own ability? Faith in our mind? Faith in progress? Faith in God? Jesus radically spoke to his disciples about their faith saying, "Your faith can move a mountain." If you want to grow in your faith relationship with God, you have got to be intentional. Join Ben as he looks at this WOW statement of Jesus. He will walk through four different types of faith that are revealed to us through the story of a father and the healing of his son.
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    3. Your Money Can Keep Your Out of Heaven

    Your Money Can Keep Your Out of Heaven

    Join Ben In Finding Where The Center Of Your Life Is.

    What is at the center of your life? What represents your significance, your sense of identity, your self-esteem? Is there anyone or anything that you are holding onto that you're not giving to Jesus? What does Jesus tell us about the things we put in the center of our lives? Join Ben as he navigates through a radical passage of Scripture and addresses one of the most challenging WOW statements of Jesus, "Your Money Can Keep You Out of Heaven."
    4. The Story of Leprosy

    The Story of Leprosy

    Join Ben As He Tackles The Radical Story Of The Tenth Leper.

    Do you take Jesus at His word? Will you act on what He is telling you to do, even before it happens? Will you take that step of obedience, that step of trust, even if the results aren't in yet? Join Ben as he tackles the radical story of the tenth leper. Find out what the tenth leper did after Jesus intervened in a miraculous way in his life. The attitude and the atmosphere of your heart and life will change when you mirror the simplicity of his actions.
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    5. The Worst Sinner Question

    The Worst Sinner Question

    Revealing Jesus' Emphasis On The The Passage Of Luke 13:1.

    The word repent has negative connotations that follow it; it gets a bad rap in our society. However, Jesus addresses the urgency and importance of repentance throughout the Gospels. In Luke 13:1 and following Jesus is calling His listeners, us, to be urgent today about the action that we take because real life, eternal life is long. In the final message of this series, Ben will unpack this radical passage of Scripture and explain why Jesus speaks with such urgency about repentance.
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