WOW Relationships of Jesus

Speaker Ben Young Reveals Different Relationships Jesus Had With Others

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While Jesus walked on this earth He had many relationships that contained the WOW factor. Join Ben Young as he investigates the relationships and the interactions Jesus had with the successful, the failure, the troubled, and the stressed out.

sermons from this Series

    1. Jesus with the Successful

    Jesus with the Successful

    See How Our Lives Could Be Forever Changed If We Learned To Trust God, Not Our Own Understanding.

    Are you willing to take a risk in order to see God work in and change your life? Are you willing to climb out on a limb in order to experience God's love and His purpose for your life? In the first message of this series, WOW Relationships of Jesus, Ben will take a look at the story of Zaccheus. His willingness to lay down his pride and climb out on a limb proved fruitful and life changing.
    2. Jesus with the Failures

    Jesus with the Failures

    Discover The Depth Of God'S Love For Us, No Matter How Many Times We Mess Up.

    We long to be loved, and God longs to love the unlovely...Then why do we sometimes miss this love Christ has for us? Join Ben in the second message of this series as he unlocks a passage of Scripture that will challenge you to recognize your own brokenness before God. We all need to be at the feet of Jesus asking for mercy and forgiveness, and to be loved and affirmed, rather than reclining and thinking we aren't that bad.
    3. Jesus with a Troubled Man

    Jesus with a Troubled Man

    Discover The Power Of God And That Only Through Him Are We Completely Free From Bondage.

    God doesn't want us to be in bondage, He doesn't want us to be enslaved; He desires for us to be free. So, how do we get free? How do we keep Satan from keeping us in bondage? We need something explosive to combat the power of the enemy and our tendency to do our own thing. In the third message of this series, join Ben as he looks closely at the story of Legion, a troubled man whom Jesus set free. He will illustrate how we can use C-4 in our own lives, it is moldable and malleable to deal with whatever issue that has us enslaved and trapped.
    4. Jesus with the Stressed Out

    Jesus with the Stressed Out

    Discover How Stress-Free Life Can Be If Only We Put Our Lives In His Hands And Allow Him To Take Care Of The Rest. Nothing Is To

    Are you living a busy, non-stop, frantic, three-ring circus life? Do you allow culture to dictate how you think, what you do, where you go, and what you worry or think about? Living a stressed-out life can affect you physiologically, emotionally, relationally, and financially. It will hit you if you don't do something about it. Join Ben in the final message of this series as he looks at the lives of Mary and Martha. Martha missed the one thing, while Mary discovered the one thing. Ben will also challenge you to take heed to Jesus' advice and example so that you can learn what to do to handle the stress in your life.