Woke or Awake?


Introducing the thought-provoking Sermon Series “Woke or Awake” – a must-have resource for pastors and church leaders seeking to educate and equip their congregation with a biblical worldview. In a world where the “woke” worldview is prevalent, this series explores the history of this ideology and how it contradicts the teachings of Christianity.

This Series Package Includes:

Can Christians Be Woke?

Transcript & Outline

How to Have a Christian Worldview

Transcript & Outline

7 Beliefs That Set Biblical Christianity Apart in a Woke World

Transcript & Outline

It's About He-ology Not Me-ology

Transcript & Outline

Christian Parenting Advice: 8 Ways to Protect Your Kids from the Woke World

Transcript & Outline

Biblical Doctrines You Won’t See in a Woke World

Transcript & Outline

Woke Or Awake: Series Graphic

Graphics Package

Woke Or Awake: Countdown

Video File

Woke or Awake: Message Intro

Video File

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With topics ranging from how to have a Christian worldview to parenting in a woke world, this series will provide your congregation with the tools they need to navigate today’s cultural landscape with a biblical perspective. The series also covers the challenges faced by churches in handling the woke worldview, providing insights and guidance on how to remain faithful to the teachings of Christ.

Included in each series is a wealth of sermon prep materials, including sermon outlines and transcripts, as well as sermon media such as graphics packages and video materials, to help you bring the message of “Woke or Awake” to life in your congregation. Whether you’re looking to deepen your own understanding of these important topics or equip your congregation with the tools they need to live out their faith, this Sermon Series is a must-have resource for pastors and church leaders.

In summary, with this Sermon Series, you will receive:

  • Comprehensive sermon prep materials, including outlines and transcripts, to help you deliver powerful sermons on shame and forgiveness.
  • Stunning graphics packages to enhance the visual impact of your sermons.
  • Captivating video materials to add emotional depth to your message

So, if you want to help your congregation understand the difference between a biblical and a woke worldview, and guide them towards a biblical church, then don’t wait any longer – get the “Woke or Awake” Sermon Series today!