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Parenting Is No Joke

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Has parental authority become the punch line of a national joke? Sadly, we have allowed a cynical society to kid us into thinking that parenting is laughable and obsolete. Well, in this series, Ed Young’s not kidding when he says, “Parenting is no joke!” As we take a serious look at God’s design for the family, we’ll find out that it is possible to restore order and sanity to the home.

sermons from this Series

    1. Slip-Sliding Away

    Slip-Sliding Away

    Gps (God'S Positioning System) For The Family

    What's happened to the family today? In this foundational opening message, Ed Young identifies a major issue that many families stumble over today. He also outlines key aspects of God's dynamic design for the family to help us regain our footing and achieve much-needed balance on the home front.
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    2. Parental Popcorn

    Parental Popcorn

    Relationship Priorities

    Popcorn is undoubtedly the all-time favorite family snack food. Theres one particular type of popcorn, though, that doesn't get much press in the American home - parental popcorn. This message uniquely relates various aspects of popcorn to different parenting styles today and shares God's recipe for achieving that perfect pop every time.
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    3. Game Day

    Game Day

    Parental Discipline

    With so many voices vying for their attention, parents are more confused than ever about what discipline is and how to administer it. This message breaks through all the noise from the stands and hones in on the only voice that matters in the critical game of family discipline.
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    4. Young and Younger

    Young and Younger

    Ed, Lisa, &Amp; Leebeth Young Discuss Family Challenges

    The goal of parenting is met through hard work and dedication. In this special message, Ed and Lisa Young, along with their daughter LeeBeth, discuss some of the real-life challenges that they face in parenting and how those difficulties are overcome by focusing on Gods purpose for the family.
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    5. Counter Culture

    Counter Culture

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