What in The Heaven’s Going On? (1994)

Answering Tough Questions About Angels

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Often seen as mystical, angels often play a significant role in our Christian life. This series offers authentic answers to some very modern questions.

sermons from this Series

    1. Are Angels Real?

    Are Angels Real?

    True Stories Shared About The Impact Of Angels

    We're going to ask and answer two important questions. Question number one: what are angels? Question number two: how do angels impact my life? How can they influence me?
    2. Satan And The Angelic Rebellion

    Satan And The Angelic Rebellion

    Understanding Satan'S Resume

    Why is there so much evil in the world? The Bible answers all of the questions by saying that the reason theres so much evil in the world is because of one being. His name is Satan. Ed will talk about Lucifer and the angelic rebellion, and discuss Satan, the Devil, the adversary. I want us to know about Satan, to really understand what this being is all about.