Warrior Women

Equipping Women For Victory In Life

4 Parts | By:

God has given each of us a mandate, a responsibility, a purpose. Our battle cry as warrior women is to passionately Flavour the world, ambushing others with the love of Christ.

In this compelling 4-part series by Lisa Young, she reminds women everywhere that we are equipped to have victory not only our own battles in life, but also to reach out and help others find victory as well.

sermons from this Series

    1. Playground to Battleground

    Playground to Battleground

    Part 1 Of The Flavour Series Warrior Women

    The Garden of Eden was a perfect place where Adam and Eve both shared a deep, personal and unencumbered relationship with God. But when the enemy entered the scene, he began to manipulate and contradict the Word of God. This is where the battle began. The perfect playground became the ultimate battleground. And as that war between good and evil still wages today in your life and mine, God reminds us of the victory He has in store for us.
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    2. Dressed for Battle

    Dressed for Battle

    Part 2 Of The Flavour Series Warrior Women

    When we accept what Jesus Christ did for us on the cross, we are able to once again have a relationship with God. But we seldom tap into all of the benefits of that relationship. Through Christ, we have access to the same power that conquered the grave. That is the secret to our success as warrior women. But it's all about how we dress. In Ephesians 6, God reveals one simple truth: when you wear the right armor, you have everything you need to face the battles of life.
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    3. The Front Line

    The Front Line

    Part 3 Of The Flavour Series Warrior Women

    Everyone has a cross-shaped hole in their heart, a gap we often try to fill with earthly relationships. But nothing will satisfy our need for God other than God. To make sure we don't place God?like expectations on our earthly relationships, we must do the first things first and secure our relationship with Jesus Christ. Once that vertical relationship is secured, then you can begin to reinforce it with those soul-nourishing relationships through others. And when our front line of defense is reinforced with the right friends, together, we can stand strong in the face of the enemy.
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    4. The Connectivity of the Nativity

    The Connectivity of the Nativity

    Part 4 Of The Flavour Series Warrior Women

    God gave us the greatest gift of all, his Son, Jesus Christ, so that we could have connectivity with Him. Without that gift, the disconnection would still exist today. With that gift, however, we now have the ability to connect directly to God-through prayer. Discover how through Christ and a relationship with him, your prayer life can become the perfect line of communication, our ticket in, to the presence of God.
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