Vision 20/20

Understanding God'S Vision

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The ability to create and cast vision is critical for any leader or leadership team. Ed Young discusses the key elements of understanding God’s vision and where it can take you.

sermons from this Series

    1. Optimal Vision

    Optimal Vision

    Examing God'S Vision For Fellowship Church

    We're talking about optimal vision. We're going to sort of take off our glasses and clean off the grime and the dirt, those particles that impair the vision of the church, so we can have optimal vision, so we can see what God wants us to do, as we continue to build His church.
    2. The Future is Bright

    The Future is Bright

    Using God'S Vision For Our Life

    God has given us a big vision. We believe in a big God. In fact, our vision is from the heart of God. It is intertwined into the very fabric and framework of who God is. It is something that is near and dear to His heart. Our vision is simply the vision for the church set forth throughout the pages of scripture.