Virtuous Reality

The Life Of David

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Discover the virtues and vices in the amazing life of David.

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    1. A Giant Undertaking

    A Giant Undertaking

    David And Goliath

    I don't care how far you go, I don't care what you do, I don't care how much money you make, I don't care what you look like, where you have gone to school, life is facing giants. And God wants us to face the giants Biblically.
    2. Friends are Friends Forever

    Friends are Friends Forever

    David And Jonathan

    Ed will share with you five things we can do today to build a Jonathan and David type relationship in our lives. And these five things come from the life of David and Jonathan. Think about your closest friends. Think about how you can improve the relationship. Think about new relationships you can develop.
    3. Pay Back or Pull Back

    Pay Back or Pull Back

    David And Saul

    Revenge effects us all, not only in tragic situations but in our everyday lives as well. That spouse who moved out unexpectedly. That business associate who ripped you off. That son or daughter who routinely rages all over you. What do you do, what do I do when those opportunities for revenge present themselves? Do we pull back or do we pay back?
    4. Windows '95

    Windows '95

    David And Bathsheba

    We are going to see how to respond to sexual temptation. How do we respond to sexual temptation? And we are going to learn, not by following David's example, we are going to learn from his example. We are going to see several responses that we need to apply in our lives when we are faced with sexual temptation.
    5. The Parent Trap

    The Parent Trap

    David And Absalom

    King David, the parent, was the major problem. We have three goals in today's message. First of all I want to encourage you, not discourage you. Secondly, I want to stand along side you, not above you. I am a fellow struggler with this whole parental thing. And thirdly, I want to challenge you and motivate you and stimulate you, especially the men here, to be the kind of parents that God wants you to be.