Using The Bible As A Foundation To Face Uncertainty In Today'S World

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Financial Upheaval. Corporate Scandal. Terrorist Attacks. Moral Confusion. Future Insecurity. We are bombarded on a daily basis by a host of problems that, if we let them, have the ability to demoralize and debilitate us. In such an uncertain world, where do we go for answers?

In this timely series, Ed Young takes us to a certain source of hope and truth in the midst of the uncertainty of our times.

sermons from this Series

    1. Certain 3's

    Certain 3's

    Unveiling Three Biblical Certainties During Tough Economic Times

    The markets go up and down like an escalator. Money slips through your fingers like sand. And with the threat of more layoffs, you wonder every day whether this will be your last day of work. From one of Christ's most powerful parables, Ed Young teaches that when the waves of economic uncertainty loom large, there are three certainties we can hold onto.
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    2. Panic Room

    Panic Room

    A Reminder Of God'S Neverending Protection For Us

    Is it possible to ever really feel safe anymore? Even with increased airport safety, high tech home security systems, heightened alert by the military, and a 24-hour police presence, the threats to your personal security seem to be never ending. But Ed Young reminds us from the life of one of God's greatest prophets that God's heavenly protection is far greater than any earthly threat.
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    3. Wave Goodbye

    Wave Goodbye

    Learning How To Stabilize Moral Security Through A Wave Of Storms

    Wave after wave of moral failure crashes against the shore of our culture and our lives, threatening to erode the very foundation by which we judge right from wrong. How can we bring back a sense of moral security in a world gone wrong? Ed Young addresses this critical question by bringing us back to a safe anchor in the midst of the storm of uncertainty.
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