U Got Game


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Discover God’s game plan for your life with this creative series. Ed Young explains how “U Got Game” when you play with God as your head coach. Ed also delivered this series of talks during a capital emphasis for the construction of a new communications center.

sermons from this Series

    1. Generosity


    The Antidote For Materialism

    God's antidote for materialism is giving. One of the keys to the Christian life and the effectiveness of a church is a willingness to sacrificially give of our time, energy, and resources. Ed shows us that giving is the second-most talked about theme of the Bible and is the essence of what it means to be a Christ-follower.
    2. Attitude


    Finding Joy

    How's your attitude been lately? One of the first things that draw people to us and subsequently to Christ is our attitude. Ed Young gives us an attitude adjustment from the New Testament book of Philippians in this message about finding and maintaining joy in the Christian life.
    3. Ministry


    Serving In The Church

    An old saying goes, "love makes the world go around." Well, there's something else that makes the church go around, and that's Ministry. One of the goals of Fellowship Church is to get people out of the stands and into the game. Ed cheers the faithful on with an admonition to get involved and find ultimate fulfillment in the ministry of the local church.
    4. Eternity


    Investing In Eternity

    "For we brought nothing into the world and we can take nothing out of it. (1 Timothy 6:7) This sobering thought from Scripture should make everyone take pause and reconsider their priorities in life. Ed Young gives us a birds eye perspective on this one and only life, and challenges us to make investments that pay eternal dividends.