Tri God

An In-Depth Study Of The Trinity

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Three in One. One in Three. The Trinity. God in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, is one of the most misunderstood doctrines in the Christian church. Yet Ed Young teaches in this exciting new series that our awareness of God’s true nature is pivotal to a growing relationship with Him.

sermons from this Series

    1. Tethered to the Trinity

    Tethered to the Trinity

    Defining The Trinity And How It Relates To Us

    Every aspect of the Christian life is tethered to a biblical understanding of One God in three persons. In this first installment, Ed Young lays a foundation for the entire series by answering two relevant questions: What exactly is the Trinity? And why does the Trinity matter to us today?
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    2. Holy Mystery

    Holy Mystery

    Understanding The Trinity

    Like a great mystery movie, the revelation of God as Trinity is a holy mystery that progressively unfolds throughout the Old and New Testaments. But the biblical revelation of a triune God is not just a doctrine to be studied. It is a profound truth that stands at the heart of the Christian Gospel.
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    3. Cosmic Cravings

    Cosmic Cravings

    How Our Yearnings Reflect The Nature Of The Trinity

    Its a natural part of the human condition to crave thingssleep, food, water, even chocolate. We all, though, have three common cravings that are of cosmic proportions because they originate from the unified, diverse, and co-equal nature of the Trinity.
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    4. Let 3-dom Ring (Independence Day)

    Let 3-dom Ring (Independence Day)

    Accepting The Freedom That Christ Offers Us

    The human spirit longs for freedom. It is the cornerstone of the American way of life and the yearning of people the world over. True freedom, though, is freedom to the third power, found only in a relationship with the triune GodFather, Son, and Holy Spirit.
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    5. Let 3-dom Ring: A Reprise

    Let 3-dom Ring: A Reprise

    The Personal Impact Of The Trinity

    There is no better way to celebrate the freedom we have in the Trinity than to hear it and see it through changed lives. This powerful message highlights the stories of many people at Fellowship Church who are able to make personal Declarations of Independence because of their newfound spiritual freedom.
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