Too Hot To Handle

The Hot Topics We Face Today And The Hope We Can Have Tomorrow.

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There are topics in life that many consider taboo. They are the things that we know exist, yet are often afraid to discuss. After all, that would require an intimate look at them and ultimately our role with each.

But in this power-packed series, the Flavour Sisterhood opens up discussions about three of the most potent topics any woman could deal with. And we discover that despite the heat these topics bring, God has a plan and a purpose for every woman who faces them.

sermons from this Series

    1. From Murderer to Minister

    From Murderer to Minister

    Experiencing Freedom In Spite Of Our Decisions

    We all make choices we wish we could take back. But that doesn't mean there is no hope left for our lives. In this powerful message, Janay Wilborn shares her personal journey and decision to have an abortion as a young woman. And as she talks about the devastation that decision brought to her life, she reveals the redemptive power Christ has to forgive and empower us all to move forward.
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    2. Uprooted and Replanted

    Uprooted and Replanted

    Finding Hope After The Devastation Of Divorce

    The statistics on divorce are overwhelming. But the stats don't tell the full story. The impact divorce has reaches far beyond any number. In this message, Sara Shields talks about how divorce has impacted her life since the time she was a young girl. And as she walks us through that impact, she reveals the power that God has to overcome, and the hope we experience when we are planted in his House.
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    3. The 'S' Word

    The 'S' Word

    Discovering Strength Through Submission

    When they hear the word "submission," so many women have a reaction of defiance and incredulity. After all, they argue, submission is synonymous with weakness. And in today's world, women need to be strong. In this message, Tianne Moon unpacks the truth about the 's' word. And she shows us how true, biblical submission is the very thing that can provide strength and real opportunities to make a difference in life.
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