Experiencing The Timeless Truths Of God'S Word

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It’s time to throwback and go back to the 1980s with Pastor Ed Young! In this new series, we will travel back 25 years and watch some of the first messages he ever preached. We’ll also get a running commentary from Pastor Ed throughout the message on how those early days impacted his life, the life of others and the future of Fellowship Church.

So grab your old track suit or acid wash jeans and join us as we laugh, learn, and experience the timeless truth of God’s Word.

sermons from this Series

    1. The Door

    The Door

    Discovering The Doorway That Changes Everything.

    In one of his most powerful self-declarations, Jesus Chirst talked about one of the most common, everyday objects we know, a door. This isn't just any door. It is the door that leads to eternal life. But how do we get through the door? And what happens if and when we do? In this message, we travel back to one of Pastor Ed Young's first messages ever delievered. And as he unpacks this life-changing claim from Christ, we discover how walking through the door is the greatest thing that we can ever do.
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    2. The Great Barrier

    The Great Barrier

    Overcoming Obstacles To Discover True Life

    In everyone's life there are barriers. But every feat is accomplished by negotiating, and overcoming those difficulties. The same is true with discovering eternal life. In this old school message from 1989, Pastor Ed Young looks at one of the more familiar stories from Jesus' ministry. We discover how one man's stumbling block in his life may just be ours as well. And we learn what it takes to overcome the great barrier in order to experience the abundant life.
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    3. Throwback to the Future

    Throwback to the Future

    Understanding Your Purpose And Potential In The Local Church.

    To know where we are going, we have to look at where we’ve been. Because so often, what God has shown us in the past reveals the path He wants us to take in the future. In this message, Pastor Ed Young uniquely relates the role of the church to a table surrounded by several groups of people. And as we discover what it means to dine at the ultimate table, we begin to understand our purpose and our passion for reaching into the future.
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    4. What It's All About

    What It's All About

    Discovering What The Church Is Really All About.

    In this message, Pastor Ed Young continues to relate the role of the church to a table surrounded by several chairs. And as we discover what role each chair plays, we discover the truth of what the church is all about.
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