Thee End

Facing The Final Frontier

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With the dawn of the new millennium, the world wants to know the real story. Join Ed Young as he shows you how to face the final frontier.

sermons from this Series

    1. Ever Ready

    Ever Ready

    Scripture States That Christ Will Come Again

    They lived happily ever after. We have that yearning, that desire to do the same thing, don't we? God's literature, the Bible, sort of ends the same way. In essence, it says, and they, being Christ followers, will live happily ever after. But folks, it is impossible to live happily ever after unless we are Ever Ready. Ready for Thee End.
    2. At Thee End of Your Hope

    At Thee End of Your Hope

    Understanding The Rapture And Tribulation

    The Bible comes along and says in Ecclesiastics 11 that God has set eternity in the hearts of men. The bottom line for all of us who know Christ is we win. We have the victory. The rapture will occur without warning, an instantaneous act of God moving us from this life to the next. Are you rapture ready?
    3. Trial and Terror

    Trial and Terror

    God Is A God Of Judgement

    I like to talk about this subject matter because of what it produces. When you talk about the judgment of God, it produces some incredible and supernatural benefits in your life and mine. And the judgment of God is intrinsically woven into Gods thoughts and His concepts and His words concerning the end.