The Untouchables

Addressing Some Of Today'S Controversial Issues

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Understand the Biblical perspective of some of today’s most controversial issues as Ed Young presents this innovative teaching series entitled ‘The Untouchables.’ Learn what the Bible says about racism, homosexuality and abortion.

sermons from this Series

    1. Racism


    Facing Racism In Today'S World

    Six pounds. You wouldn't think this weight would cause so many problems in our culture. Yet, six pounds causes strife and suffering and murder and all sorts of mayhem. I am talking about six pounds worth of flesh. That is the average weight of our skin. It is staggering when you contemplate the whole issue of racism, because six pounds of flesh has caused, is causing and will cause so many, many problems across our planet.
    2. Abortion


    Looking At Abortion From A Biblical Perspective

    We learn together as Ed gives the biblical perspective on abortion.
    3. Homosexuality


    Exploring The Biblical Truth About Homosexuality

    Most of us don't know the truth about it. I lovingly and firmly refuse to accept the fact that homosexuality falls in line with God's model and God's math of sex. In other words, homosexuality is a sin.