The United States Of Amnesia

We The Sheeple

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So often we forget what we should remember and remember what we should forget. This is bigger than being a Democrat or Republican. It’s bigger than the Election. It’s even bigger than America.

sermons from this Series

    1. Snake In The House

    Snake In The House

    Is there a snake in your house? In this message, Pastor Ed Young teaches that many of us have a snake in our house, and don’t even realize it. The snake is Marxism and is a secular philosophy that views life as a power struggle between the oppressed and the oppressor. We, as a church, must aggressively go after, and speak the truth of Christ to people. We want to build bridges of love to people, but we don't want to confuse acceptance with approval.
    2. Marxarita


    The drink is popular...we’re intoxicated by it and don’t even realize we’re intoxicated. It’s a mixture of Classical Marxism, Postmodernism, and Critical Theory and you have a dangerous cocktail called a Marxarita! In this message, Pastor Ed Young teaches us how to put down the Marxarita and overcome the evil and divisive tactics of Marxism trying to splinter our communities and churches!
    3. Storm Surge

    Storm Surge

    When a Category 5 storm hits, there is massive damage.  The most damaging being the Storm Surge. It can reach 20 feet above sea level with waves and water getting anywhere and everywhere. In this message, Pastor Ed Young teaches us how to identify and weather a Storm using the absolute truths found only in the Bible.