The Table Small Group Study

Casting The Vision For The Local Church


When it comes to finding a place to eat there are many options, but one stands out among the rest. Jesus said in John 6:35, “I am the bread of life.” The church is the ultimate table where people come to feed on the “Bread of Life.” The church has a responsibility to present God’s cosmic carbs in a creative and compelling way while not compromising the two-fold purpose of the church: building believers and serving seekers.

The foundational series for small groups by Ed Young uniquely relates different aspects of eating a special meal to our purpose as Christ followers. As we focus on serving others, it reminds us in a powerful way that there’s always room at the table.

This six-part study also includes a Leader’s Guide and Creative Notes for each session.

  • Week One: Introduction
  • Week Two: What’s Cooking? Part 1
  • Week Three: What’s Cooking? Part 2
  • Week Four: The Two-Fold Purpose
  • Week Five: The Chairs
  • Week Six: Putting the Pieces Together

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