The Oasis

Experience The Ultimate Place Of Rest And Recovery.

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What’s your Oasis? Where do you refuel, refresh, and refocus in the heat of the summer? We can all relate to the desire to find rejuvenation. Over the next few weeks, we’ll discover that true refreshment is only found in a passionate and purposeful relationship with God. Because only He has an oasis that can truly satisfy.

“I provide water in the desert and streams in the wasteland, to give drink to my people…” Isaiah 43:20-21

sermons from this Series

    1. The Ultimate Oasis

    The Ultimate Oasis

    Guest Speaker Rodney Gage Explains How Experiencing God Is The Ultimate Oasis

    For most people, an Oasis means unplugging and getting away from all the noise of life. However, in God's economy an Oasis might be different than we think. During this message guest speaker Rodney Gage teaches us that learning to experience God's presence loudly and boldly in our daily lives is the ultimate Oasis.
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    2. A Happy Place

    A Happy Place

    Guest Speaker Stovall Weems Describes The Atmosphere Of God'S House

    Amazing things happen when we meet with God in His House. Unfortunately, many of us are going to church not realizing that we are stepping into the very House of God. Guest speaker Stovall Weems helps us realize how getting the right perspective on church can bring incredible life change every time you step into God's House!
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