The New Normal

Discovering God’s plan for the new normal

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“The new normal.” We hear this phrase constantly these days. But is the new normal really new? In this message series, we look at how God worked through various stages of Moses’ life and the growth he experienced between the normal, the abnormal, and the new normal. And we will learn how we, too, can experience this same growth and discover that perhaps God’s plan for the “new normal” is even greater than we ever before!

sermons from this Series

    1. What Can We Glean From the Quarantine?

    What Can We Glean From the Quarantine?

    Confronting conflict and embracing change

    Unpack essential lessons that God wants us to glean from the quarantine and understand that within the “new normal,” conflict is inevitable, but the immeasurable growth that happens in our lives when we embrace change remains!
    2. Mother's Day

    Mother's Day

    Lessons from a life of faith

    Through the courageous story of Jochebed, Moses’ mom, we learn a great lesson about a life of faith and devotion to God that influenced one of the Bible’s greatest and most prolific leaders!
    3. Difference Makers

    Difference Makers

    Becoming a difference-maker

    Learn from Moses’ big mistake that caused him to flee to the far side of the desert only to emerge as one of the greatest biblical leaders and difference-makers of all time!