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The Role Of The Church

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Have you ever wondered what role the church should play in your life? Or if God even cares whether or not you show up? Maybe you go to church out of a sense of obligation. Maybe your entire life revolves around the church. Or maybe you dont go to church at all. But no matter how you view the church or what role it plays in your life, there is a power and a meaning that can only be realized when you treat Gods house the way he intended.

In this 2-part series, Ed Young helps us tap into those things that are only available in the house of Godcommunity, belonging, and purpose.

sermons from this Series

    1. Homeless


    Finding A Home And A Purpose In The House Of God

    What makes a house, a home? It isn't the furniture or the rooms, the walls or the roof. There's much more to a home than just the physical structure. When it comes to the house of God, the same thing is true. And God wants his house to become our home, yet so many of us are homeless. We miss out on the benefits of living in his home. In this message, Ed Young shows us just what it takes to turn the church into our home. And we see that when we decide to take up residence there, we discover much more than a building to meet in we find a place that we can build our entire lives on.
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    2. Church Cheers

    Church Cheers

    Centering Your Focus And Enthusiasm On The Church

    "2..4..6..8!" In our sports-crazed culture, cheers are a part of the routine. From pee-wee football leagues to professional sports, cheers are designed to motivated us and encourage the team. Cheers should be part of the church culture as well. Like any other team, the church needs encouragement and motivation. We need something to bring us together as we continue to play the game God has designed for us. And in this message, Ed Young teaches us some of those church cheers. And we see that as we learn to cheer for the church, we will discover that all of heaven is cheering along with us.
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