The Fear Virus

Vaccinating ourselves against life’s phobias

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Most of us have a natural bent toward fear that we let seep into every area of our lives until it controls us. It’s a virus that makes us forget God’s sovereignty, protection, and goodness — but there is a vaccine! In this series, Pastor Ed Young will teach us how to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy fear and help us face every day with the assurance that God is the Great Physician who holds all things together!

sermons from this Series

    1. Sermon: Fear Not

    Sermon: Fear Not

    Replacing fear with faith

    "Fear not" is the number one command in the Bible- listed 365 times to be exact. In our frailty, God knew that fear would be a significant factor in our lives. Although some fear is healthy, much of it isn't; it's toxic and keeps us from experiencing God's best for our lives. In this sermon, Pastor Ed Young helps us stop deifying fear by remembering the magnitude and almighty strength of the One who goes before us every day.
    2. Sermon: Fear Of Rejection

    Sermon: Fear Of Rejection

    Replacing fear with faith

    In this sermon, Pastor Ed Young teaches us how to overcome the fear of rejection through the life of Moses, who went from being a somebody in Egypt to being a nobody in the desert only to discover that God can use anybody, even a sinner like him! And if God could use Moses, He can and wants to use us as well.