The Father Heart of God

Uncovering The Character And Nature Of God As The Father

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So much of our identity is tied into who our father is or who our father told us we are; either by their words or actions, by their presence, or absence. But are we looking to the right father to tell us who we are and who we are to become.

Ben Young reveals how we relate and sometimes confuse what we believe to be true of our heavenly father based on our experience with our earthly father.

sermons from this Series

    1. What's Our Father Like?

    What's Our Father Like?

    Join Ben Young As He Reveals How That Longing And Search Can End When We Come To A Certain Realization With Our Heavenly Father.

    Do you take your experiences with your earthly father and throw them onto the heavenly father? We have all been born with a longing to be embraced, accepted, affirmed and to be led by our father, yet so many times we are disappointed. Join Ben Young as he reveals how that longing and search can end when we come to a certain realization with our heavenly father.
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    2. What's Your Father Like?

    What's Your Father Like?

    Speaker Ben Young Shows Us That We Must Release Our Pasts Allow The Heavenly Father To Submerge Us In The Tidal Wave Of His Love

    What happens to us when the character of our heavenly father is not reflected in our lives through our earthy father, but is often distorted? Join Ben Young as he searches through Scripture in order to reveal that God's power and His love are able to transcend our earthly conditions and transcend whatever childhood experience we have had. You can connect with the Father heart of God in spite of what happened in your past.
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    3. Who Are You?

    Who Are You?

    Speaker Ben Young Shows Us That God Is Our Supreme Father And Is The Only One Who Holds Our True Identity.

    Do you ever ask yourself, "Why am I always asking myself, Who am I?" What alienates us from God, from knowing our true selves and our true identity? When we understand what God the Father is like, then we will understand who we are and know our true identity. Ben Young will share how we can come to understand and know God as Father.
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