The Fan

Becoming An Enthusiastic Follower

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From fair weather admirers to die hard fanatics, sports fans can be annoying. However, a true fan doesn’t annoy others with their inconsistency or turn away others because of their wild fanaticism. Instead, they champion the good of the team through devotion and loyalty, dedication and support.

In this series, Ed Young shows us what it takes to become a real fan of God. Because when we understand what it means to devote ourselves to the things of God, we discover that we are the real champions.

sermons from this Series

    1. The Fan: Part 1

    The Fan: Part 1

    The Characteristics Of A True Fan Of Christ

    From tailgate parties and bumper stickers to t-shirts and body paint, fans show their support for their teams in a myriad of ways. But does supporting a sports team make any real difference beyond the field or court? In this message, Ed Young begins to look at the characteristics of a true fan. And he reminds us that when we cheer on the team led by Christ, we discover more than a win on the field - we find victory in life.
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    2. The Fan: Part 2

    The Fan: Part 2

    The Traits Of A True Fan Of Christ

    Fans of any sport defend the team with vigor, promote the players with enthusiasm, and support the club in both victory and defeat. But at the end of the day, sports teams don't return the favor. They don't show us the same dedication.In this message, Ed Young continues to reveal the traits of a true fan of Christ. And we see that what really happens when we cheer Christ is that Christ also cheers us on through every situation in life.
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