The Creative Marriage

The Art Of Keeping Your Love Alive



Disposable relationships and throw away marriages permeate our culture. When the dream fades and the realities of life set in, many just throw in the towel. In their book, The Creative Marriage: The Art of Keeping Your Love Alive, Ed and Lisa Young take a penetrating look at what it means to have a lasting marriage in today’s world. After more than twenty years of marriage, Ed speaks openly and honestly about the hard work involved in a creative marriage and the lasting rewards of doing it Gods way.

The Creative Marriage offers biblical insight into these critical areas:

  • Laying a strong foundation for a lasting marriage
  • Keeping your marriage relationship at the center of your home
  • Building up your spouse with creative communication
  • Allowing positive conflict resolution to increase intimacy
  • Removing the barriers to a sizzling sex life
  • Protecting your marriage against financial pressures
  • Recreating marriage and family after divorce
  • Plus, Ed and Lisa answer some frequently asked questions about marriage