Team Family

Parenting (Includes Easter And Mother'S Day Messages)

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This exciting series will help your family become a better team. Ed Young uses the Bible to relate the world of sports to the Team Family.

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    1. Goal Tending (Easter)

    Goal Tending (Easter)

    Setting Family Standards

    Excerpt from the transcript... "Talking about the family? On Easter? Isnt that a little bit different? Isnt that a little bit strange. Yeah, it is kind of different. But, not only do we want to share with you the historical fact that 2,000 years ago a man named Christ, lived a flawless life, died a sacrificial death and conquered the grave. We also want to share the implications of that defining moment. In other words, how does His resurrection play out in your life and mine? Moreover, how does it play out in the most important unit in the universe, the family team? When I say the word "family" you probably think of unity, togetherness, and of teamwork. Over the next several weeks, culminating with Mothers Day, we are going to parallel the family with athletics. You may think that might be a stretch, but it is not. It is a favorite metaphor scripture writers use to describe our spiritual pilgrimage. They often compared the life of a Christian to the life of an athlete. So this weekend we want to talk to you about Goal Tending. We will parallel basketball with the family. We will talk about the priorities, the core values, and the goals that families should tend to. Pretty important stuff."
    2. Intentional Grounding

    Intentional Grounding

    Dealing With Discipline In The Family

    The family game is something great to behold. When it is disciplined and when there is love flowing and grace and understanding and focus, it will bring any crowd to its feet. Yet, when it is not functioning properly, when the family game and team is marred with fights, fumbles and turnovers, it is not a pretty sight. In fact, it can be ugly.
    3. Designated Hitter

    Designated Hitter

    The "Bases" Of The Blended Family

    I want to talk to you in this session about the bases of the blended family. I want to specify the bases that every blended family team member needs to touch, in order to score, in order to get to home plate.
    4. The Puck Stops Here

    The Puck Stops Here

    Protecting Your Family Zone

    We are going to talk about protecting the zone. A zone that we call the family zone. In a real way, the opposition is slapping shot after shot our way. And, parents, we have got to become the goalies. We have got to deflect and defend our 4 by 6 mesh net called the family team, the family unit. And it is tough. It is challenging. It is difficult.
    5. Cheer-Up (Mother's Day)

    Cheer-Up (Mother's Day)

    Creating The Family Pep Rally

    God has given mothers an awesome sphere of influence with the opportunity to impact children throughout their lives. In this Mother's Day message, Ed Young discusses several ways for women to be a source of encouragement in their families.