Still Counting

Math Matters To God

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From the speed of light to the wattage of a light bulb, from the weight of the earth to the population of a city, numbers represent everything in the created ordermost significantly people who matter to God. That’s why Fellowship Church is still counting.

sermons from this Series

    1. Addition


    Learning How God Adds To Our Lives

    It's the first lesson in math. You learn to add before you subtract, multiply or divide. And in this reflective talk, founding and Senior Pastor Ed Young celebrates how God has worked his supernatural addition throughout the history of Fellowship Church.
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    2. Subtraction


    Subtracting From Our Lives God'S Way

    God is not limited to the plus sign when it comes to keeping us on task and on target. This message communicates how God fulfills his mission for the church and our individual lives by employing a strategic subtraction.
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    3. Multiplication


    God Loves Multiplication

    After God hones our vision through addition and subtraction, he moves to the next level of math to expand the church's influence in the world. This message looks at how God works through the power of multiplication.
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    4. Division


    Positive Perspective On Division

    It's the final equation in a growing community of Christ-followers. This message shows us how God has used the division sign as a positive force in the expansion of Fellowship Church.
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