State of the Union

Revealing The Components For A Healthy Marriage

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Many marriages today are faced with a constant barrage of temptation and “easy outs.” Through this dynamic series entitled “State of the Union,” you will find there is help and hope for troubled marriages as well as a challenge to make great marriages greater. Join Ed Young as he reveals the components of a healthy, vibrant marriage.

sermons from this Series

    1. The Real Deal

    The Real Deal

    How To Have A World Championship Marriage

    In this series Ed talks about how to build a stronger and more God-centered marriage. He explains how marriages are in different stages throughout life. He also tells us that if we are not on the right plan for our marriage, then it will never be what God intended it to be.
    2. Recipe for Romance

    Recipe for Romance

    Discovering Sex That Sizzles

    In this session I am talking to you about a recipe, a recipe for romance. We are going to go over a couple of things that the Bible says concerning how to have sex that sizzles. We are created as sexual beings. In fact, the first words ever uttered to us were words that describe our sexuality. Its a boy. Or, its a girl. God has given us the gift of sex.
    3. Reconcilable Differences

    Reconcilable Differences

    Conflict And Communication

    If the truth were known, most husbands and wives have never taken a course on creative conflict resolution either. When there is a vacuum, when there has been no training, no learning, when you havent heard about conflict resolution and especially when you havent heard what the Bible says about it, you end up treating conflict and handling conflict like your family of origin handled conflict.
    4. Checkmate$


    Financial Harmony

    Money management. Financial self-disclosure. The Bible says that when two people get married, they become one flesh. I believe that they become one spiritually, physically, relationally and also financially. In other words, they become checkmates. That is Gods design for your marriage and my marriage.
    5. Sunny and Share

    Sunny and Share

    Real World Stories About Marriage

    Are these words operative in your life? Can you look and say you have creativity, sensitivity, objectivity and accountability?