Snapshots of the Savior

An Intense Study Of Christ'S Life

6 Parts | By:

So often when we think of Jesus’ life, our photo album is limited and sketchy. In this powerful series of talks, Ed Young shares vivid images from the Bible to help provide a broader, panoramic view of Christ’s mission and ministry.

sermons from this Series

    1. Like Jesus

    Like Jesus

    Exploring Jesus' Humanity

    Jesus Christ was both God and man. And in this opening talk, Ed Young shares several snapshots of the Savior to help us understand how Christ relates to us both in his divinity and his humanity.
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    2. It's a Spa, Spa World

    It's a Spa, Spa World

    A Close-Up Look At Service

    From massages to manicures, from 5-star restaurants to luxury resorts, we all love to be served. But Jesus came with a very different agenda in mind. This message challenges our desire to be served with Christs radical mission to serve.
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    3. Rabbi


    Christ As The Master Teacher

    We see him in the manger, walking on water, and dying on the cross. But this message, Rabbi, reminds us of an often overlooked snapshot of the Master Teacher preaching and teaching in the streets and synagogues of his day.
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    4. Warning Labels

    Warning Labels

    Examining All Angles Of Discipleship

    So often we buy stuff without reading the fine print. Jesus doesn't play that game when it comes to following him. This message is a much needed reminder that Christ very candidly communicated the upside and the downside of discipleship.
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    5. Cure All

    Cure All

    Exploring How Christ Still Heals Today

    He is called the Great Physician. His many miracles of physical healing were powerful signs of Christ's supernatural power. This message, "Cure All," counters the skepticism of our scientifically driven culture by exploring how Christ still heals today
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    6. The Road Is Red

    The Road Is Red

    God'S Roadmap For Atonement

    The road Jesus walked to Calvary is an infamous part of the Easter story. But the road to the cross did not originate in the dusty streets of Jerusalem 2000 years ago; it began thousands of years before that. In this powerful Easter message, "The Road Is Red," Ed Young traces God's road map for the atonement of humankind from The Beginning to the Cross of Christ
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