Snapshots of the Savior Small Group Study

Explore The Richness And Depth Of Christ'S Character


Just like with any celebrity or historical figure, we get glimpses into their lives through the photos we see of them. We get to see snapshots of their activities, their work and their friends. The same is true of the public persona of Jesus. We all know about the main events that the paparazzi were sure to cover: turning water into wine, multiplying loaves and fish, healing the sick, raising the dead and even dying on the cross. However, if these are the only pictures we have in our photo album, we are missing the richness and depth of his character.

In this study, you will be challenged to add important snapshots of Jesus to your photo album by thinking about him as a man, a servant, a friend, a healer, a teacher and the Savior. Enjoy a much richer relationship with Jesus as you rediscover the beauty and power of the most important figure in all of history.

This six-part study includes a Leaders Guide, Creative Notes and Youth Notes for each session.

  • Week One: Like Jesus
  • Week Two: Cure All
  • Week Three: It’s a Spa, Spa World
  • Week Four: That’s Innertainment
  • Week Five: Warning Labels
  • Week Six: The Road is Red

*In select studies, we have incorporated special notes for student ministry, designed to help each discussion time speak to the unique needs and issues of youth.

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