Single Minded


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Specifically designed for singles, this series focuses on current issues relative to single life. Single Minded addresses what being single in the 21st century really means and what the Bible says about dating and divorce.

sermons from this Series

    1. Party of One

    Party of One

    Content With Being Single

    The Word of God tells us some encouraging news, single adults, I'm talking about some great news, some life-changing news. It tells us how to be content with being single. Because God wants the best for your life and for my life. And if you are single, He wants the best for you in your single life.
    2. Finding the Ultimate

    Finding the Ultimate


    Selecting a spouse is the second most important decision we will ever make. First, is where we will spend eternity. Second, is who we will spend our life with. Most of us don't give very much thought to it and the church, in my opinion, has remained curiously silent. We kind of put everything on the back burner instead of instructing and teaching people the skill of finding the ulti-mate.
    3. Without a Hitch

    Without a Hitch

    Dealing With Divorce

    Today I have a wonderful announcement to make to those of you who are divorced. God wants you, man or woman, to win. Because as you are playing this game alone you are asking yourself questions like this: " Have I committed the unpardonable sin? Is there life after divorce? What are my options? Where do I turn? Should I consider remarriage? What about it?"