Making A Complex Life Simple

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What's Included?

There’s a tension in our world between the complex and the simple. On one hand, life is complex. On the other, it can be simple to navigate. Yet, we like to make the complex simple and the simple complex. The result, though, is confusion. We don’t know where to turn or what to do. But God has something better for us than confusion; He wants us to experience clarity.

In this series, Pastor Ed Young takes some of the most complex truths in our world and breaks them down in a way that is easy to understand. Just because something is complex doesn’t mean it needs to be confusing.  This series will show us how to discover clarity in the simplexity of life.

sermons from this Series

    1. Yes


    Making The Most Of 'Yeses' In Life

    Everyone wants life to be simple. Yet, the vast amount of options in life make things more complex than ever before. The question is, 'How do we navigate the options and experience a simple life?' The answer often comes down to a single, three letter words: yes. In this message, Ed Young takes an in-depth look at 'yes' from a biblical viewpoint. And as we learn about God's view of this word, we discover the power and potential 'yes' really has. Because when we are willing to say yes to the right things, everything else in life falls into place.
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    2. No


    How Saying 'No' Can Lead To A Bigger 'Yes'

    The word 'no' has such finality to it. Saying 'no' is often difficult for us because it seems so limiting, so negative. We fear saying the word because we don't want to disappoint or discourage. But what if 'no' could actually lead us to God's plan for our lives? In message, Ed Young takes another look at Matthew 5:37 and how it can simplify our lives. And as he shows us the real purpose and power of saying no, we discover how it doesn't limit our options; it instead allows us to experience a bigger and better 'yes'!
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