Signs of the Times


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Many times we can see God’s principles through the trendy innuendos of today’s society. This series takes a look at society’s most popular slogans from a biblical perspective.

sermons from this Series

    1. Get Real

    Get Real

    Living A Life Of Authenticity

    In this message Ed challanges us to Get Real with ourselves and stop believing the lies. To Get Real with others and be honest and open.
    2. Go Ahead, Make My Day

    Go Ahead, Make My Day

    Resisting Revenge

    What do you do when every fiber of your being screams within you to seek revenge, to pay the person back? Revenge is such an interesting and inviting and tantalizing response. But I want to contrast this whole aspect of revenge in our society.
    3. Just Do It

    Just Do It

    Applying God'S Principles

    James 1:22 says "Do not merely listen to the Word and so deceive yourself but do what it says." James said, just do it. God says that He has given us the greatest product in the world, available to all. The Bible is a collection of His love letters to us. No whining, no excuses, no procrastination, just do it.
    4. Don't Blame Me

    Don't Blame Me

    Avoid Passing The Buck

    Twister, Scrabble, Candyland, The Game of Life. They are obviously popular board games. But those games pale in comparison to the popularity of the Blame Game. We all play it. We are subtle about it. We do it behind the scenes without a lot of people realizing it, yet many of us are caught up and mesmerized by the Blame Game.
    5. Don't Follow Me, I'm Lost

    Don't Follow Me, I'm Lost

    Where You Go

    I discovered that there are three stages to being lost. The first stage is when you are lost and you don't know it. The second stage occurs when you think you are lost but pride and ego keeps you from asking for directions. The third stage is when you realize that you are lost and you do something about it. You say, "Help, I'm lost."
    6. No Fear

    No Fear

    Responding To God'S Judgement

    A lot of you, if you are honest with yourself, are paying high tabs for this card-carrying, no-fear wearing, attitude-bearing, individualistic mentality that says, "I'll do my own thing." Let's see what God has to say about No Fear.
    7. You Deserve a Break Today

    You Deserve a Break Today

    Handling Stress

    God said it a long time ago. God said, "We all deserve a break today for the purpose of making time for what matters the most." Today, You Deserve a Break. We are going to talk about and answer the question, how to make time for what matters the most.