Shame Off You


Introducing the powerful and transformative “Shame Off You” Sermon Series, specially crafted for pastors and church leaders who want to empower their congregation to overcome the chains of shame and embrace the freedom of forgiveness.

This Series Package Includes:

Shame: Why We Feel It, What It does to Us, and How to Overcome It

Transcript & Outline

Recognizing Shame & Dealing With It!

Transcript & Outline

Uncover The Causes of Shame & Learn How To Let Go

Transcript & Outline

Unleashing Unforgiveness Is Unbelievable

Transcript & Outline

Breaking The Cycle Of Shame Through Forgiveness

Transcript & Outline

Shame Off You: Series Graphic

Graphics Package

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In this series, you will find comprehensive sermon prep materials including thought-provoking sermon outlines and transcripts, designed to guide you through the subject matter and help you deliver powerful and impactful messages to your congregation.

With the help of stunning graphics packages and captivating video materials, you can bring your sermons on shame and forgiveness to life and create an unforgettable experience for your church members. Our graphics packages will enhance the visual impact of your sermons.

Whether you’re looking to address the issue of shame head-on, or you’re seeking to offer hope and comfort through forgiveness, this series has everything you need to create meaningful and life-changing experiences for your congregation. So why wait? Get your hands on the “Shame Off You” Sermon Series today and take your preaching to the next level!

In summary, with this Sermon Series, you will receive:

  • Comprehensive sermon prep materials, including outlines and transcripts, to help you deliver powerful sermons on shame and forgiveness.
  • Stunning graphics packages to enhance the visual impact of your sermons.

Get your “Shame Off You” Sermon Series now and help your congregation experience the transformative power of forgiveness!