Sexual Revolution Small Group Study

God Designed It. Culture Redefined It. Who Got It Right?


It’s time to put the bed back in the church and the church back in the bed. In this study, Ed Young helps you get back to Gods incredible design for sex, beginning with the important realization that God created this life-uniting gift. Focusing on when to, how to and who to enjoy sex with, this powerful teaching promises to revolutionize your perspective on sex. Whether you are married or single, a parent or not, this study will help you gain insights on what it means to be human, maintaining sexual purity, casting a big vision for big sex, teaching your kids about sex, protecting the marriage bed, and understanding the spiritual and physical dynamics of human sexuality.

This five-part study includes a Leaders Guide, Creative Notes and Youth Notes for each session and can be used for both individual and group study.

  • Week One: Stripped
  • Week Two: Heaven on Earth
  • Week Three: Leashed
  • Week Four: Do Your Thing
  • Week Five: Messed Up

*In select studies, we have incorporated special notes for student ministry, designed to help each discussion time speak to the unique needs and issues of youth.

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