Sex – The Real Deal

Take A Look At Sex As God Describes It And Intended Us To Have It As Sex, The Real Deal!

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Our culture screams, SEX!!!, while far too often the church whispers SEX. In this new message series, Mac Richard takes a direct, biblically affirming look at one of God’s greatest gifts to humanity, the gift of sexuality and how to protect it and celebrate it at every station in life.

sermons from this Series

    1. It's Just Sex

    It's Just Sex

    If It'S Just Sex, Why Does God Talk About It All The Way Through The Bible? Discover How God Wants Us To Use This Gift He Has Given All Of Us.

    2. Sex Ed.

    Sex Ed.

    Because True Sex Ed In God'S Economy Includes Both Intimacy And Sex.

    God wants to point us back toward him to guard and to protect this gift of sex, to enjoy it as we learn to enjoy him. For some people, enjoying God is a foreign concept.
    3. For Mature Audiences Only

    For Mature Audiences Only

    What Gift Has God Given You To Enjoy? For Mature Audiences.

    The fact that we can have those desires and that sex has the meaning it has between a man and a woman makes us distinctly human. No other creation of God shares that with us. So sex in God's economy is designed and he desires it to unite.
    4. Sexual Counterfeits

    Sexual Counterfeits

    Learn How God Can Save You From Sexual Counterfeits With His Gift Of Sex.

    My soul, your soul, we are all damaged and corrupted by sin. And as the result of that, every single one of us is guilty of counterfeiting the gift of sex. This message teaches us how to deal with the gift of sex as God intended it to be!