RPMs – Recognizing Potential Mates

A Fast Track To Smart Dating

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Whether you’re a single adult, a student, or a parent, this creatively driven series of talks will provide foundational principles on how to date and select a mate God’s way. We’re going to cruise past the cultural myths and embark on a supercharged ride to the ultimate relational destination.

sermons from this Series

    1. 1000 RPMs

    1000 RPMs

    Selecting A Mate

    Test drives, crash-test results, and consumer reports-when it comes to buying a car, countless aids are available to us. In today's message, 1000 RPMs, Ed Young opens God's owner's manual for us and shows us just what to look for when it comes to an even more important decision selecting a mate.
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    2. 2000 RPMs

    2000 RPMs

    Dating Warning Signs

    It's a common mistake in driving and dating. We like to cruise along life's freeway while ignoring the warning lights, signs, and signals. This message, 2000 RPMs, outlines the benefits of reading and heeding God's relational warnings in dating and courtship.
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    3. 3000 RPMs

    3000 RPMs

    Navigating Sexual Intimacy

    Sex is meant to be enjoyed within Gods guidelines and guardrails. In this message, 3000 RPMs, Ed Young highlights both the dangers of going off-road and the benefits of staying on God's relational freeway when it comes to sexual intimacy.
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    4. 4000 RPMs

    4000 RPMs

    The Realities Of Romance

    From so-called reality TV to blockbuster movies, from romance novels to popular music, fairy tale images and ideas of dating and courtship permeate our culture. This message pushes past the pre-nuptial nursery rhymes and presents the true reality behind the romance.
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