Discovering The Timeless Truths of God's Word

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We’re going back to the 80s! Join us for this throwback series as we look back at some of Pastor Ed’s first messages, and hear his running commentary on not only the trends and topics of the day, but the timeless Truth of God’s word.

sermons from this Series

    1. Discipline


    3 Areas Of Self-Discipline That Will Help Launch Us Into A Life-Changing Future!

    When we hear the word “discipline,” our minds rush to overbearing principals, domineering coaches, and demanding parents. For many, it has a negative connotation. But discipline is actually much more positive and can be the one thing that helps us discover the amazing path God has for us. In the first message of this series, we go way back with Pastor Ed Young for a powerful look at three areas of self-discipline that will help launch us into a life-changing future!
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    2. Listen and Live

    Listen and Live

    Learning To Recognize And Obey The Voice Of God.

    Think of someone you know so well that when you hear their voice, you immediately know who they are. In part two of Pastor Ed Young’s series “Rewind,” we will discover the importance of not only learning to recognize the voice of God, but the power and potential that comes with living out what he says.
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