Retro Small Group Study

Fundamentals Of Faith


In a world where going retro is the chic thing to do, we need to join in. Going retro does not mean you have to bring back 1980s fashion or your high school hair style. Going retro is all about time. God wants us to make the most of every opportunity, and we can do that when we leverage what we’ve learned in the past to help us bridge the gap between our priorities and commitments today.

In this study, you will have the opportunity to learn from past decisions in a way that will impact the present and your future. You will also see how your friends play a crucial role in making the most of every opportunity. Finally, well bring back one of the most unmistakable pieces of 1970s fashion and find out how it fits every one of us.

This six-part study includes a Leaders Guide, Creative Notes and Youth Notes for each session.

  • Week One: The Greatest Show on Earth
  • Week Two: Gap Kids
  • Week Three: Inertia
  • Week Four: Relational Realities
  • Week Five: Stepping Up
  • Week Six: Leisure Suits You

*In select studies, we have incorporated special notes for student ministry, designed to help each discussion time speak to the unique needs and issues of youth.

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