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Fundamentals Of Faith

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Juggling life’s priorities can easily become complicated and complex. But the solutions we look for often cause us to spin even further out of control. In this series, Ed Young takes a closer look at the essentials for a strong Christian life, including building the right friendships, involvement in the local church, developing biblical priorities and taking time to rest. And he shows us that Gods answers to life’s complexities are often simpler than we first thought – its all about getting back to the basics.

sermons from this Series

    1. The Greatest Show on Earth

    The Greatest Show on Earth

    Setting Priorities

    As we struggle to keep up with life's demands, it can seem like we're performing in a circus act. But this message shows us how God can transform the three-ring circus of life into The Greatest Show on Earth
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    2. Gap Kids

    Gap Kids

    Bridging The Gap

    So often there's a disconnect between our priorities and our commitments there's a gap. And we're only kidding ourselves when we think the gap is no big deal. In this message, Ed Young shows us how to bridge that gap and the amazing freedom that we can experience as a result.
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    3. Inertia


    Getting To Know God

    It takes a tremendous amount of force to get something that is stuck in a rut moving again. The same is true with our lives. This message challenges us to spend time with the only real Force who can jolt us out of our busy routine and get us moving in a positive direction.
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    4. Relational Realities

    Relational Realities

    The Importance Of Friendships

    We're all relational beings-it's an innate quality given to us by our Creator. But so often we choose our relationships, and in particular our friendships, based on the wrong qualities. In this message, Ed Young teaches us God's relational realities and how we can discover true and lasting friendships.
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    5. Stepping Up

    Stepping Up

    Finding True Friendships

    Friendships are not neutral-they either have a positive or negative influence in our lives. Choosing the wrong friends can quickly pull us away from the right priorities and commitments. In this message, Ed Young shows that by stepping up our relationships, by surrounding ourselves with quality friends, we can gain positive relational inertia and ultimately discover God's best.
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    6. Leisure Suits You

    Leisure Suits You

    Remember The Sabbath

    Leisure has become a valuable, yet often overlooked, commodity in our fast-paced, work-oriented world. But in this message were reminded that rest is not optional; its commanded. Regular, strategic times of rest should be reflected both in our priorities and commitments, because if we dont break-away, life will break us.
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    7. Retrospective


    Reviewing God'S Priorities And Our Daily Commitments

    In this concluding talk, Ed Young presents a retrospective of the series. These highlights from each of the last six messages provide a great opportunity for us to go retro and look again at how to close the gap between Gods priorities and our daily commitments.
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