Re-Thinking Jesus

Why Are You A Christian?

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One of the greatest freedoms we have is our ability to ask questions, especially when it comes to aspects of our faith. And whether you are testing the waters of Christianity or have been a Christian for years, asking questions is essential to understanding Jesus and the life that he taught about thousands of years ago.

The range of questions that center on Jesus is as vast as the number of people who have lived on earth. But no matter what you ask or what answers you find, this 2-part series by Ben Young challenges you to rethink some of your answers. Because when it comes to the most influential person in history; when it comes to God in the flesh, rethinking what you’ve always thought about Jesus may just be the hidden key that helps you unlock the life you were meant to live.

sermons from this Series

    1. Thinking Jesus: Part 1

    Thinking Jesus: Part 1

    Looking At The Lessons And Values Of Jesus

    No matter which side of the Jesus debate you find yourself on, there is a reason you stand there. Your experiences and beliefs, encounters and attitudes all work together to form your thinking about the most influential person in history. But have you ever considered that you could be missing something? In the first message of this two-part series, Ben Young challenges us to look once again at Jesus and the values and lessons he taught. Because when it comes to the most important decision of our lives, sometimes re-thinking Jesus is what we need to do in order to discover the life God wants us to have.
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    2. Thinking Jesus: Part 2

    Thinking Jesus: Part 2

    Because I Need God

    Everyone, despite their background, upbringing, social or economic status, has an opinion of Jesus. Some think he was just a good guy. Others say he was a great teacher. And still others believe he is the Savior of the world; Gods one and only Son. But no matter what you think about Jesus, you may need to rethink your viewpoint. In this second message of a two-part series, Ben Young challenges us to look again at the facts of Jesus life. And he shows us how rethinking the most influential person to have ever lived can actually lead us to a deeper, fuller understanding of who Jesus was and is and how he really does have the power to transform our lives.
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