Rating Your Dating While Waiting for Mating

Guidelines For Dating

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In this series, Ed Young examines the single lifestyle from a biblical perspective in these frank and straightforward messages on dating, sex, relationships, and finding Mr. or Miss Right.

sermons from this Series

    1. A Time to Chill

    A Time to Chill

    Waiting For God'S Lead For Marriage

    Too many single adults see marriage as a blissful glide on the skateboard of life. I can just skateboard into the chapel and skateboard into marriage and skateboard throughout the honeymoon and then throughout the next 25 or 50 years. But too many single adults make frantic faux pas and they end up choosing the wrong lifetime partner.
    2. Dangerous Binds

    Dangerous Binds

    The Tangles Of Premarital Sex

    Premarital sex is a dangerous bind. The Bible has a lot to say about this dangerous premarital sex bind. The Word of God says five times directly and 23 times indirectly, Singles abstain from sex until marriage.
    3. Glad About You

    Glad About You

    Crucial Components Of Spouse Selection

    We are doing a poor job of spouse selection. Very few of us have the skills developed to do the kind of assessment work that God wants done on this side of the marital equation. But singles, I have some words for you. You can leave this beautiful arts complex with the tools you need to make this paramount decision.