Push Me, Pull Me

Overcoming The Back And Forth Life

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What's Included?

Have you ever noticed the push and pull of life? Too often were tossed back and forth in a forever frenzy of differing views, opinions, and directions. But God wants us to have a sound, peaceful mind; not one that is tossed and turned every which way. This Series by Pastor Ed will help you replace the dilemma of double-mindedness with the clear cut confidence that following Christ offers!

sermons from this Series

    1. On the Fence

    On the Fence

    Experience The Benefits Of A Committed Life.

    Life is full of decisions. Some of those decisions are small, others are big. Yet so often, we waver between two sides, afraid to commit to one or the other. In essence, too many people are living on the fence. But life on the fence is no life at all, and it certainly is not the life God has in store for us. The best way to get the most out of life is to commit, and to commit to the right things. So in this message, Pastor Ed Young shows us the dangers of living on the fence and he unpacks the amazing benefits of finally committing to God!
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    2. From Victor to Victim and Back

    From Victor to Victim and Back

    Overcoming The Downward Pull Toward Depression.

    The back-and-forth life is one everyone is familiar with. In our world, it is easy to fall into the double-minded mentality. But to get the most out of life, we have to follow God's plan of living the single-minded life? In this message, Pastor Ed Young takes a look at the life of Elijah and shows us how easy it can be to fall into the victim mentality of double-mindedness. But we also discover what it takes to get back to being a victor!
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