Praying for Keeps – Conversations with God

The Process Of Prayer

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Learn the how to’s of talking with God. In this series, you will walk through the process of prayer in this biblical guide to communicating with God.

sermons from this Series

    1. Prayer Conditioning

    Prayer Conditioning

    How To Pray

    Prayer is the lifeline, it is the most important thing in the Christian life. You will never be the kind of person that you were meant to be until you really learn how to talk to God.
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    2. Vertical Reality

    Vertical Reality

    Transparent Before God

    I want to talk to you about something called vertical reality, how to be transparent before God. If you apply and understand three simple terms I am going to share with you about prayer, you will be a changed person and you will understand what it truly means to have community and fellowship with God.
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    3. A Bad Prayer Day

    A Bad Prayer Day

    Unanswered Prayer

    The mystery of unanswered prayer. We will talk about it from Gods perspective. We will talk about what we need to do. We pray you understand why God says no and how to deal with it and become true men and women of prayer.
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    4. For Mature Audiences Only

    For Mature Audiences Only

    Depths Of Prayer

    Ed shows us six prays that can radically change a person just by praying the prayer. Do you have that courage?
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    5. Blown Away

    Blown Away

    Responding To Answered Prayer

    If you had one prayer request to make and you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that God would grant that request the moment you prayed it, what prayer would you pray at this very moment? Some would pray, Rebuild my marriage. Others would pray, Give me direction. Still others would say to God, Bring back my wayward son or my wayward daughter. Ed shows us how to respond to answered prayer.
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